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The Law Lyrics

Killah Priest – The Law Lyrics

A wise man will hear and increase learnings
And a man of understanding will obtain wise council
To understand a proverb individually
The words of the wise and the riddles
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge
But fools despise the wisdom and instruction
Heed the instructions of your father
And do not foresake the law of your mother
For they will be graceful way beyond your head
And chains about your neck

[Killah Priest]
Worldwide, look
All of my pain is on the pictures in my enemy's frame
Written in blood, my ambition is driven by thugs
Got two glock nines and I fill them with slugs
Call me Saint Valentine, 'cause when I kill 'em, it's love
Say my name, Masada, life full of pain and drama
Bloodstains and horror, here my voice out the Hell flames, I hollar
I write with the pen of the reaper, stare in my eyes
Look deeper, now turn into stone, it's Medusa
Reduce your flesh into bones, prey upon your dead meat like a vulture
Dig out your eyes, send your soul to Hell
While your body is covered in flies
Spazz like John the Revelator trippin off of acid
The desperate man with a handful of Tarrots
I'm the ghost of Mozart, possessed my arm
The blood of Tupac drip from the pen in my palm
Stain the paper, swirl it around, see the vision
A thousand profits locked in prison
Free 'em all with the rhyme, short sentence
Unlock 'em from my brain cells, plague the Earth
40 nights of rain and Hell, Masada, spell my name in braille

He who despises the Lord will destroyed
But he who fears the coming will be rewarded
The law of the wise is the foundation of life
To turn one away from the spirits of death
Poverty and shame will come to him who withstands correction
But he will dodge a refute will be honored
He who walks with wise men will be wise
But the companion of fools will be destroyed

[Killah Priest]
I post up in front of the world, witness my pearls
Unleashin the masterpiece, actions twirl
Like a twister, the riddler, picture my moment
Filling scriptures with my niggaz
I pour the liquor on my own, trick!
Bullshit, until the apocalypse hit
Laughin with the angels, just watchin the shit
Hands out your pockets bitch, the glock'll spit
Leave the Earth in turmoil when I'm poppin' clips
Kill the devil, I'm the rebel lost in the streets
My only fears is when I sleep, I'll be tossin' deep
Or if the woman in my arms think of crossin the Priest
Proverbs, God words, nigga I'm talkin' to thee

Let's reverse the way of the righteousness
In the midst of a passive justice
I can establish the everlasting from the beginning
Before there was ever an Earth
Blessed is the man who listens to me
Watching daily at my gates waiting at the posts of my doors
For who shall revise me for his life and obtains favor from the Lord
But he who sins against me warrants his own soul
And all those who hate me love death

[Killah Priest]
Telekinesis, I see through dreams
A conqueror of all world like the Hebrew kings
I'm David, reincarnated over again
A gladiator of the universe, a soldier of men
A warlord across the field, returnin from battle
With blood upon my shield with an arm full of arrows
I'm a warrior, elephants kneels as I pass
Holdin skeletons of the soldiers that I killed in my path
With the heads of their leaders still in my hands
Hold it up, lightnin strikes, brightens the night
Turn my hair whitened like Christ then flash out of sight
Head back to the cemetary, my job is done
Volume one, Priest, part two is when God will come

Choices of wickedness brought me nothing
But righteousness delivered from death
The Lord will not soften a soul from righteous to fairest
For he casts away the substance of the wicked

[Outro: Luminati]
That's right, we destroy all ya'll punks
This is proverbs, Priesthood (Priesthood)
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