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Madness Lyrics

Killah Priest – Madness Lyrics

Background* vocals [Intro

Killah: Priest] Up
and down Didn't
I say n s****gotta come ready for more Father?
forgive us for we know not what we do Ain't
nuttin here ain't, nuttin you gotta say to that Now
what you gonna do about it What? you gonna do About
it man {?
police*sirens }*Bring it any day [Killah!

Priest] This
is madness n, s****runnin up the block duckin, shots Cop
cars swervin n, s****squirtin the, ghetto's burnin Hell's
season the, soul's returnin We
live like crows and a hermit searchin, for a higher learnin The
fire's burnin lightnin, bolts comin down Hittin
both coasts leavin, n s****comatosed That's
why I wear the chrome close And
we'll all meet the omen in the moment of most Runnin
in churches with my gun I'm, nervous Disrupt
the service ask, the pastor "Where, do I worship "?My
life is worthless I, done seen so many nights and murders The
enemy stuck a knife in Curtis I
wake up in cold sweat grab, my Tec I'm, hopeless All
my homies pullin on roaches of foul coaches Or
loud explosives return, to the hood like the child Moses A
b d*****in a basket my, gat spit Till
the palbearers close the casket And
that's it the, end of the chapter The
beginnin of the next one The
resurrection imperfection, after, death come The
black son in the ghetto section The
light protect them from the iron weapon This
is madness [Chorus...

Killah: Priest] This
is madness this, is madness [Killah...

Priest] Mystic
night beneath the cherry moon we, rarely move Peace
to the ghetto nation three, million population Guns
poppin Satan feel, our feather wings Eloheim
as we bury kings Our
fathers pumpin garbage in their blood streams The
novel of Apollo every, thug thing Blood
money, and cancer inside a dope fiend My
hungry team sellin drugs Verazine, got me feelin buzzed Ghetto
breed felonies my, n s****face the judge The
witness tryin to place his mug the, D A. Tryin. to taste his blood And
the lawyers is the court employers showin, fake love The
court system is 33 and 1 third of a mace and club While
n s****is still beefin and tradin the slugs {
gat*firin }*Who's
to blame I? hear cats callin my name Sayin
"Please, don't, fall in this game "!We're
all in a gang It's
like the ghetto got, me trapped with a ball and a chain To
them crack rocks I swallow absorbed, in my vein Nightmares
of bein shot record, in my brain My
neck and soul dropped and fall in the flames Every
night I wanna roll a Dutch scared, to sober up I'm
like a bird in the cobra's clutch I'm
like a bird in the cobra's clutch This
is enough [Chorus...


Priest] You
bought this Proverb baby Every!

day I hear violent screams outside my window I
see black hurses followed by limos On
your forehead I see the devil's symbol 3
6's do, the arithmic of the witches And
Grand Wizard can, you withstand the blizzard I?
see prophecies unfold that was told by the prophets of old Looked
up I, saw the clouds in Heaven roll Back
like a gigantic scroll Ufo's
came down to damage the globe 3
rolls saw, the lamb with blood on his robe While
the beast shove us in stoves And
the government swallow our souls I'm
gettin drunk of a wild Irish rose My
brain's haunted roll, with much pain and torment A
fire like Elijah that came with the warnin Bodies
bein carried at the sound of the organ Saw
the skeleton the, rider of the Four Horsemen Pull
out my d k**chop, off my foreskin Take
the blood and write down my four sins On
the side of Satan's coffin I, see angel's corpses I
start to gettin nautious from demonic forces {

gats*firin & siren sounds }*[Chorus

to fade with unknown singer] [Outro

Killah: Priest] Sells
these drugs to Apocalypse
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