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Big Scrilla Lyrics

Killa Tay – Big Scrilla Lyrics

[Killa Tay]
Uh huh, Yeah
We gone call this one big scrilla
For all my niggas out there thug pimpin
D-1A up in this muthafucka, ya' know
For yall sucka ass niggas, uh

Hollerin all the cheap shit, but you aint rappin right nigga
Gimmie the mic, feel me like you appetite nigga
Supposed to be hard, but y'all ain't actin like niggas
Probably go both ways like a hermaphrodite nigga
Bitch mades can't get no love
I hit the highway like O. J, with blood on my gloves
I roll like young buck, homies wanna hang with me
But I'm a killa on the grind livin dangerously
I'm thug pimpin, from?? To Australia
Never been a failure better believe it when I tell ya
Sell you nothin but the A-1 yeh
The innovator, pistol players manditory one shot
To end the story the glory days is over
If you don't work, you don't eat
All that talkin is cheap mayne, this hustle game is deep
Back from the??, west cola till they burry me
With a bullet in my casket
To lift my soul and keep them scared of me
Work, like chemotherapy, when I let loose with the??
So relentless, we sneakin, and creepin and keepin it off the hinges
Bullys wit Fullys pullin strings like Jimi Hendrix
Fuck a trick biotchh, when it comes to my click, my love is illest, iiiii -stick em like syringes, hard, heavy and devy
I do whatever it take in life to make continous fetti
Ready and willing killin them all off like nazi's
No time for the he say she say we stay sloppy of that broccolli,
We mob deep

Ride for my niggas
Stay on the grind down to die for my niggas
We real killas, big scrilla
Blazin up doja zips
Nigga, one false move and its over with, we blast
And mash hard, livin large like
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