Will you stand and watch them take our Europe down the
Will you stay there on a fence, just sit there and
Or will you listen to the white man's voice which the
Government ignores?
Will you fight to take your country back, take back
What's rightfully yours?

Fight back! Against the vested powers
Fight back! Against the leftwing lies
Fight back! Against the corrupt system
Fight back! Before your nation dies.

The rich man has a laugh on the white working class

Will you stand your ground or will you sit down on your
The communist bastards haven't learned, will you let
Them get their way?
Will you stick to your guns and keep the faith for a
Better day?


We'll make a stand to save our land,
Destroy the commie state
We won't bow down to anyone,
It's us they love to hate
It's time to face the enemy,
Now that's causing all the fuss
It's up to me and you to take back what they took from

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Fight Back Lyrics

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