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New Skin Lyrics

Kid Rock – New Skin Lyrics

Now I'm sheddin' my skin
Ya gotta listen to me
I'll tell ya what I see, never belive what you read
This shit is spreadin' like a disease
Never feel withdrawn, time to move on, get your groove on
Say goodbye, everything must die, solidify
And fly to a new level
A place where love is unconditional, physical
And non-denomanitional

Like a snake, she'd my skin, leave my past where I've been...
Can you feel what I feel?
To hold on must be killed, don't cry over what's been spilled
Yeah, yeah,
Can you feel what I feel?

See the kid rock pumpin' up a' down your block with no cares
Long hair, swingin' middle fingers in the air
People stare and point, I hit the joint and laugh
Kiss my ass!
The past is more than 10 years I've grown from a complete unknown
Into the high zone, million dollar home and a diamond ring
Never thought I'd a mount to a damn thing
I'm the man, singin' like curtis may
Mack on homies like ruby day
It's been a long time comin', but you know what's happened
Straight pimpin' and sittin' five times platinum..
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