I turn my 15 minutes into 10 long years
I made a million from drinkin' beers
I got a jet, just some touch in these frets
So if my ego gets outta check

I guess I'm guilty
I said I'm guilty

I might do a little yack, might of rub my trab
Now and then, get into a scrap
That's alright, I got lawyers for that
And then motherfuckers, they even know

That I'm guilty
I said I'm guilty

I never sweat, really feel regret
Well cameras roll when you least expect
Some other times ended up online
And motherfucker, if that's a crime

I guess I'm guilty

I know agreement, a shit ain't findin'
You catch me on your charts, still climbin'
A big, big Nascar reshinin'
I said I'm goin' platinum, bitch I went diamond
I've been rhymin' solid check it out
I've been climbin', flamin' all about
Where you at, I've been here for years
Come on, every little body listen

You know I'm guilty
I'm guilty
You know I'm guilty
I'm guilty, guilty
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Guilty Lyrics

Kid Rock – Guilty Lyrics