[Verse 1]
The new face of adversity
The only on in his set who hasn't committed burglary
But verbally assaulting with metaphors and hyperbolies
Urging to make a currency
I be perfectly focused
Others are off the lotus
I know this ain't what they want
But I force it right down there throat
They looking bloated
I'm not the type to sugar coat it
I be the type to beat an instrumental up so bad
That I don't just go with the flow, I own it
My evolution as a revolutionary is very scary
When various people wanna put me in a cemetery
Carefully planned with every step and direction
I'm either gonna wreck shit or cop a Smith and Wesson
The Best in the west with my destiny set in stone
Hop on my throne with Rosetta
I'm blue mega, I do better and you never
Keep it simple, 2 letters
FU and who ever so you better run

[Verse 2]
Fuck being humble
I'm ready to rumble
Running in the jungle
With fully loadeds
One shot make them crumble
On the way to the top you watch a lot of people tumble
That's how you know you came far from a mumble
I'm comfortable with my intention
Glory ascension
Popularity extension
Not to mention the attention that's well deserved
Leave the B.S on the curb
Space bound, I concur
Yes, I'm interstellar
Flow sweeter than Nutella
Go and tell them about the kid
Let him blow up, god forbid
He get left behind
Every time I see it, Its so asinine
But to pass the time, I just rhyme
I keep my head up knowing I'll be fine
Cause I know everybody will Get there chance to shine
And it can be taken away so I stay on my grind
And I make sure everything that I write and record stays strong
Cause rapping is where I belong
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Fully Loaded Lyrics

Kid Koon – Fully Loaded Lyrics

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