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Tryna Find Home Lyrics

Kid Fresh – Tryna Find Home Lyrics

It's like 24/7 I'm just tryna make it work,
Slim but I'm shady in the booth I go bezerk,
Seen my niggas blossom while they left me in the dirt
Guess they promised me the sweet life and delivers the dessert and
What's it worth, when it starts going wrong, sure the devil lives in the place where I'm from, tryna be the man in a city full of dons,
You either make it by the bars or you end up like the cons and
That's the thoughts, when I'm staring at the clock,
In this concrete jungle carved are way from selling rock,
This crazy vicious circle slowly shapes me as a man,
Why the calling me irregular for thinking out the box and
From the block with a grew up with my day 1's,
The only ones who gave a fuck when other people gave none,
Stupid bad mistakes u know we might have made some, ask in five years and id say id never change them, I'm gone

I'm gone and it feels like I'm drifting,
Hoping one day I make a difference
And I lie awake can't sleep at night pray to god boy I ain't even Christian
Why won't they listen,
I'm just tryna find home,
I'm just tryna find home,
Cause I'm out here all alone I just need to find a place I call home

Just looking for some feed back on my lyrics before I put this out
Gonna be my first track so hoping for the best
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