I never left that day
Why did I push you away
I was losing from the start

And I would try to forget
All that had happened
Just to keep it all away

But I need you, Near me, I
Need you, near me, tonight

Chorus: just to keep me breathing
Just to keep me holdin' on
All I believed in
Keeps me from fallin'
I would always walk out
Hide from all the sorrow
Just to keep me breathin'
It's you I hold on to

I never trust myself
With loving someone else
Afraid that I might feel pain

Why couldn't I give it a chance
If pain isn't love that what is?
It's hard to just let it all in

But I need you, near me, I
Need you, near me, tonight

[Chorus x2 ]
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Breathing Lyrics

Kicking Daisies – Breathing Lyrics

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