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Travellers Lyrics

Ki Maher – Travellers Lyrics

I could travel around the world
Hitch hike on a thousand stars
Fall in love with a caravaner
Just to be struck down hard
I could ride across the seas
Only if you'd go with me
I could take an arrow to my heart
But is it in vain
I could be on the front line
Or be in Rome sipping fancy wine
I could join the circus
But would you come with me
I'd drink poison for you
There's many things for you I'd do
I'd wait for years on years
Just to hear your voice going through my ears
I could build a mighty army
Just to strike down all your foes
One trip one slip
I would land in your arms
I would fight your battles
I'd do all this for you
There's nothing I wouldn't do
For you
I could take you many places
I would win all the hardest races
Just for you, just for you
You ever met a man who'd die by your side
Or one that'd embrace you in their lives
I'd be that man for you
Love is a powerful tool
But together we could wield it
We are strong
Your touch is warm warmer than an open fire
Your eyes deeper than my soul
All I need is for you too hold me
For you too never let me go
There's many things I'd like to let you know
Many places we should go
So many moments we could share together
If only you knew
If only you'd notice
If only you'd love me
If only you'd stay
I wolud be your remedy
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