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Bendin' Cornas (Featuring Slip Matola & Mark Twayne) Lyrics

Khujo Goodie – Bendin' Cornas (Featuring Slip Matola & Mark Twayne) Lyrics

Yo, what's up?
What's up, playa?
What's up, kinfolk?
Oh yeah, we down it with it down here
We shines up the dubs
We blow dro, we glass it up
Oh yeah, we rag it back, we put the hard top on that thing, shawty
Do it like my west coast homies, put it on the ground, let fire come out the back
What y'all know about that?

[Verse 1: Slip Matola]
It's going down
Young ballers with seven figures
Eighty foot candy painted yachts on the river
Platinum hitters
That's all I delivers
On all affiliates and members
Say hoes, Little J drops in December
Until then, I bails through the land of gang members
Hot hoppers
Scandalous hoes and crooked coppers
24/7 we grind feds try to pop us
Can't stop us
Whole clique back out on choppers
And rock by my side quick to blast like Binoca
We do it dubs
This year it's 22s
Via satellite live on bet News
We crack rap
Street niggaz demand scratch
Front and back
Rack Bentleys with ice plaques
Bombing on buses hurting hating it's like "whoah!"
And if you didn't know I straight bang for my logo

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Bending corners
Hitting switches
Swerving these trays on big bunk suspensions
Come on shawty, come on shawty, come on shawty, come on shawty, come on
Shawty, come on shawty, come on shawty!

[Verse 2: Khujo]
All my west coast homies slam on your brakes
Hit the gas
Go slow, go fast
Atlanta niggaz drive the ass
Down the yellow brick road in a flash
Khujo Goodie, A-Town boss jack
In a lumbalac
Keep, off the sack
This how I'm yacking in an alien swerving
Deuce trays cutting them up like surgeons
Hit them indiscriminate hollering like virgins
Don't come through here facing fly they calling me like serving
Lick hitting got us in dips splurging
In the empress
With the gold fist padding
Plus it's bitching
Bending corners over snakes vanilla busters attracting all the neighborhood
Mustard and mayonnaise, it's icing on the damn cake!


[Verse 3: Mark Twayne]
I represent that 105 Crear Road
I hit the block in Chevy with the brains blown
I put it down for my folk on flat shores
Over to Clay Cole back up to Pinona Road
Them South boys with a mouth full of gold
Off in the door cliqued up with the west coast
Hitting switches, candy paint on Lo-Los
Bending corners, looking for them po-po
. 45 cap with extra clips in the back (back)
Chromed out wheels with the bump in the match (match)
Drop that ass to the floor whenever we hit the gas (gas)
Kept them switching lane to lane blowing on dro when I pass (pass)
Rolex on voes, deuces on six-fours (fours)
Hit the trunk with the dro hauling the money carload (load)
Southwest connect, from la to the Deck
Slip Matola, Khujo Goodie, Mark Twayne, doing jets

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