[Men:] Yo Khia I Heard Disz Hoe Tryed 2 Diss...
[Khia:] Iz You Serious!?
[Men:] Hell Yea I'm Serious, Talkin Bout She The Baddest Bytch; Dat Bytch...
[Khia:] You Aint Serious!!!!!!
[Man:] Go Hit Her Up

Bytch! Grab Yo Man When You See Khia! Hoe.. Call The Copz When You See Khia
Bytch Tried 2 Diss But She Lame She Aint Finished Now She Bout 2 Feel The Raft Of A Menace Bytchez I Hit Em' Up!

Bytch How you Gon Rap With dick Sperm Flyin All Out Ya Mouth But I'm Bout 2 Make Ya Bow Down 2
The Queen Of The South Fake Bytch If you Was Real you Would Have
Said My Name And Bytch I'm Callin You A Hoe And I'm Sayin It To Ya Face
Keep It Real Punk Hoe The Hood Already Know Thatz Y They Fuq Ya In The ass Let A Hoe Be A Hoe Trick And Ted Should Have Warned You Not 2 Open
Ya Mouth But Slip & Slide Been Beggin Me 2 Feel Up Ya Spot Ya Album
Suckz More Bored Than Ya Suck On The dick Trickin All Roun' Town Tryna Hate On A Bytch
Now Hoe what Ya Gone Name Ya Baby.....? Baby.!? Man I Love Ya Lil Weezy
But Dat Aint Ya Baby! Ridin By Paroded Bytch can't Even Have No Baby
Lil Weezy Tighten Up Boi Ill Have Ya Baby! I Got The Puzzy Dizzy Bytch
But I Ryde My Own dick! Independent Fuq A Midgit And I'm Styll Rich Bytch I Moved
2 Georgia Cuz I Could Afford 2 But Florida's My Home And I My Thugz
And Thug Miszez Kno I'm Reppin Em Strong Bytch I Rep 4 The Hood Hoe I
Come 4rm The Streetz And Datz what Happenz 2 A Bytch Who Tryz 2 Fuq
Wit A Queen!!!
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Hit Her Up (Trina Diss) Lyrics

Khia – Hit Her Up (Trina Diss) Lyrics