[Grant Netzorg]
I awake in a perfect Hell - genus ex nihilo
This shell filled with another man's paradise
Holds only a whisper of my past life
I'm trapped within worlds, a dream within a dream

Draw me a picture, a still frame in your mind
That records all the pieces left inside of me
Know my beginnings, the trials that life brings
Or wash away my ashes in the sea

[Grant Netzorg]
For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come?
The one of a life taken by a man wearing my flesh
Three gates to Hell before me: the sea, the sky, my mind
With this key, a blade, release me

[Grant Netzorg & (Phil)]
These skies hold (no salvation)
No peace lies (beneath the dust)

Where is the answer? A distant voice repeating
The final gate is calling out to me
The choice is easy, awaken from my sleep
Or wash away my ashes in the sea

Cleanse me in the tides of the sea
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Three Gates Lyrics

Khemmis – Three Gates Lyrics