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Imminent Death Lyrics

Khaosick – Imminent Death Lyrics

Apathetic in every minute -
My emotions are blind
Forsaken pleasures attend me -
Forced by the face of surrealism
I'm waiting in the dark -
Projections of a stained mind
The silence creeps around -
I'm ready to unfold

The time has come to say goodbye
I'll take your life -
And you will die
Now you taste the smell of death -
No time to waste 'till your last breath

Hiding in shadows
Your nearness a dying reflection
Dry lounge fast beating heart
An adrenaline experience

Shocking sequence
Staring in the face of death
Your end is near
Piece by piece I'll desecrate
Bad feelings inside me
These thoughts I haven't chosen
Darkest fears, depths of a mind
Now become – Reality
There is no time to rest
Imminent death
Uncontrollable desires offered me
With every second rage is growing
The urge to murder's taking scorn
I want to see you die -
Kneel to me, pray for your life
I love the fear in your eyes -
Tormenting through perversion

[Repeat chorus]
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