Ya know it's kinda funny how everybody says their different
That's what makes us all the same
I'm just being real doe... listen... lets go!

How we supposed to change if err'body the same x3
Err'body thr same if err'body thr same

{Verse 1}
Our generation is stupid
Influenced not to do shit
Got time to drink and smoke
But failing school acting clueless
What the fuck are you doing?
Look at ya future ruined
Know all about them jordans but not how to be a student and oh
You think you ruthless
Nigga u needa cool it
I swear that I been throught it
I'm tired of all this bullshit
I'm tired of all you half ass dad leaving ya new kids
Why the fuck are you leavinv them if they ain't neva DO SHIT!
Then you got teen moms just tryna be on tv
Becoming pornstars anything for money
She gets tied to the drugs and everything that she sees
And the babys growing up asking,
"Where my daddy be"?
Prolly just over seas,
He prolly just over seas
He coudnt take care of you so he decided to flea
See ya daddys a bitch, now ya mommas alone
All because they wanted to act grown... OH!

{Intro to chorus} x2
See this type of shit can be avoided right now
Think about ya future
What you got and what you want now
Do yoh wanna live it up
Or or or live it down

How we supposed to change if err'body the samex10

{Verse 2}
Ya favorite rappers don't care
They only want the money
I'm only bring honest
It's honestly ain't funny
Rappin bout poppin Mollys and gettin high at a party
Got you thinkin u famous
See now look what they done started
They got money, you don't
They doin what you not
So why the fuck you following them like you in they spot
Nigga you at the bottom
They made it to the top
So don't let them continue to influence you to drop
And this isn't just for males
I'm talking to women too
Yall needa stop being hoes before you start hanging loose
Then your gonna get used up
Ain't no nigga wanna use
Get depressed, have more sex
With a STD or two
(Haha) but I'm just being real x2
Speaking my mind, speaking this time
Our generation, were far behind!

{Intro to chorus}
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Everybody The Same Lyrics

Khalil Underwood – Everybody The Same Lyrics