Words by Kevin M. Thomas
Music by Kevin M. Thomas
Copyright 2013 Kevin M. Thomas

At first we step into the garden of our life alone.

The fool and innocence, we gather and we crawl.
Step and run but only then and always fast to fall.
But then a kiss, a spark, the feelings unresolved.
Youthful simple romance will then blossom all in fall.

Stone cold sober, the bills are on their way.
No more simple, subtle things, it's all about the money thing.
The job unsung from harmony was always once so sweet.
The pressure of the victory and tasting all defeat.

Objection, reflection, a measurement of life.
Must take the time to drink the wine of everything in life.
A simple song, a token pawn, the little things in life.
For once it's gone, the dust upon, the twilight of our night.
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Seasons Lyrics

Kevin M. Thomas – Seasons Lyrics