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A Story, A Sneak Lyrics

Kevin Devine – A Story, A Sneak Lyrics

from album: Between The Concrete & Clouds (2011)
I took your ankle, tied you to the post
I fed you grapes
I asked for clemency and cut your throat
Held high your name

Ground down the coffee beans and lit the match
Wrestled the day
Chewed at the wristband til it came apart
Now I'm awake

Back on the ground you're dressing for uni
30 years old
What the hell am I doing here?

You open the door
Say, "Age before beauty."
Cringe as I pass
But I guess it's a story
A sneak
A rumor I won't believe

And somewhere in my past
She's laughing, rolling her eyes
"Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, alright"

Look at the paper til it chokes you up
The world won't wait
Luxury problems fill your gilded cup
You take the bait

German girls pass
Grouped in teenage disasters
Gather you up in their confident laughter
Don't do this to me

The gap from A to B
It never felt this wide
Yeah yeah, oh well, alright

Pinned to your seat
Practice circular breathing
Look down at the clouds
Where you'll be
Where you're leaving
You are always in-between

"Sir, if you'd please observe the 'Fasten Seat Belts' sign -
Just calm down, you'll be alright."

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