Foreign city crowded, there's nowhere to go
See you in the bar, wandering round, I try to touch you
I try to tell you what, you can see the base in me
You can see what I've got

Chorus: Let me be, let me be, let me be with you (x2).

I'm half-crippled, savage guilt inside
Taking my best friend, my best friend for a ride
The pulse rate beating, filthy thoughts
I don't want anyone to say, I don't want a bad report, no


We were like kings and princes floating up and down around the room
I was a petal bursting flower, I was fully-fledged in bloom, in that room,
In that room
So it's over, I'm whisked back home
Another fat failure, another alone
So riddled with guilt inside, what am I going to say?
When the voice whispers in your ear, "Did you have a lovely day?"


We were like children then, we did what we could, we said what we could, we
I'm like a finished man now
What on earth is my mind going to do?
With memories of you
Those memories of you
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Let Me Be With You Lyrics

Kevin Coyne – Let Me Be With You Lyrics