Well welcome vicar we'd heard they'd sent a new bloke into town,
Strange what happened to the last vicar after the time he come
And they reckon we was the last to see him alive
Rough country round these parts,
Yep just completely vanished, the fuckin' vicar and his horse and
Look after the vicar's horse and kart you kids and mom, put the kettle
The new vicar's stayin' for a cup'a and a chat
Ain't had visitors now for so long that we could
Talk about the drought I suppose, and lose in all me sheep,
Ain't seen a kangaroo round here for years, you know them kids
Never tasted meat?

More tea vicar? One lump or two?
More tea vicar? Here just crack it with the spoon,
Come all this way to christen them kids like the last bloke wanted to
More tea vicar? One lump or two?

Oh it's toughened 'em up but it's rough on them kids with sweet fuck
All to eat,
Except for grass and roots and plants and stuff,
You know they've never tasted meat?
But you never ever hear the little buggers complain, god bless their
Fuckin' hearts,
Take their minds off their empty bellies lookin' after the vicar's fuckin'
Horse and kart,
Hey mom one'a them kids must'a cut 'emselves got blood all over his
Look just stay outside and stich it up yourself
Don't go botherin' your mother and me,
Anyhow serves you right for playin' with the chainsaw now fuck off
Back to the yard,
And help your brothers and fuckin' sisters with the vicar's fuckin'
Horse and kart fuck off!

More tea vicar? One lump or two?
More tea vicar? Here just crack it with the spoon,
Then we'll round up all them kids and christen 'em like the last bloke
Wanted to do,
More tea vicar? One lump or two?

You'd never guess them kids are starvin', listen to 'em out there in
The yard,
And they're washin' your rig real good hey vic 'cause they've taken it
All apart,
And now they're chuckin' it on the fire to dry,
By Christ them kids are smart,
Hungry or not doin' a damn good job
On the vicar's fuckin' horse and kart,
And I swear I smell fresh meat out back there cookin' on a barbecue,
Well bugger me dead them bloody kids must'a caught a kangaroo,
That's why they're so excited, 'cause for them that's quite a treat,
Wouldn't matter if it tasted like a horse's ass they've never tasted

More tea vicar? Now where's he fucked off to?
More tea vicar? How's that for fuckin' rude?
He come all this way to christen them kids didn't stay for the
More tea vicar? There's heaps of food.

More tea vicar? Don't taste like roo.

More tea vicar? Fuckin' horse shoe, how'd that get there.

Thank you God, again.
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More Tea Vicar Lyrics

Kevin Bloody Wilson – More Tea Vicar Lyrics