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Bad Boy [interlude] Lyrics

Keshia Chante – Bad Boy [interlude] Lyrics

What happened to that boy you used to be?
I wish... Ugh
"Hey female, what's up?"
"Nothing, what you up to?"
"Just writing.."
"For..what's it about?"
"It's about Bad Boy.."
"Bad Boy??"
"Yeah..that boy he used to be."
"No..what's wrong with him?"
"I don't know man..."
"What..what it all of this?"
"That's the poetry...Bad Boy."
"Dear Keshia...."
"Those are letters.. From today
"All of dem..all twenty of dem"
"From the..from..from my guy?"
"Yeah..your boy. yeah..and he got me teddybears..he keeps buying me teddybears."
"Aww..that's so cute. What's wrong with that?"
"The first six were cute!"
" bad boy gotten soft."
"Yeah..just..just listen to this song. Tell me if you like this."
What happen to that boy you used to be
I wish he would come back
Come back to me
What happened to that boy I used to know
Won't you tell me where my bad boy go?
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