Louisianna Coco
(The Kentucky Headhunters)
From "Songs From The Grass String Ranch"

Well, down in the valley where the little girls go
There's a Cajun cutie called Coco-Mo
She shakes all night if you treat her right
She's got the kind of love make a grown man cry.
Aah-Ooo... Aah-Ooo
Aah-Ooo... Aah-Ooo

Well when she do the twist
Let her hair down low
She shimmys and she shivers
And every man knows
She moves to the groove
Like you've never seen
Take a young man put him in a dream
Aah-Ooo... Aah-Ooo
Aah-Ooo... Aah-Ooo

Well somebody's cookin that
Louisianna cornbread
Smokin them left handed cigarettes
I know I need to leave but I can't go
Cause I'm in love with Louisianna Coco

Well when she do the boogie
She can rattle and roll
She's at the heart of every man's soul
Got a ring in her belly and
Psychedelic toes
Hats off boys she's the queen of the go-go
Aah-Ooo... Aah-Ooo
Aah-Ooo... Aah-Ooo

Repeat chorus

I'm in love with Louisianna Coco
I'm in love with Louisianna Coco
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Louisianna Coco Lyrics

Kentucky Headhunters – Louisianna Coco Lyrics