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Premaducers Lyrics

Kent Jones – Premaducers Lyrics

Yeah, yeah

I see they gettin' super comfortable over there, or rather complacent
It's Primadonna producer syndrome, it's so contagious
All of a sudden they accomplished in everybody faces
It's crazy what you see a grown man do for a placement

I'm still gettin' BMIs for when all my shit was peakin'
Lookin' at my bank account, I see them pinches peakin'
Lookin' at me and you, we do it for different reasons
All that other shit you doin', just attention seekin'

When you really got it, ain't gotta reach for it
When you talented, you ain't even brush, gotta speak for it
And I never been no one to do the stereotypin'
But she ain't my type and that's why I'm in the Quays bored'

I never wanna come off from my raps like I'm upset
But I wouldn't be real if I ain't get it off my chest
I leave social media to those who use it best
Lunch lady, I'm servin' you niggas with the net
Don't be makin' these statements you'll later on regret

I don't respond immediately 'cause I move with patience
Don't be back pedallin', apologizin'
Sayin' that I'm nice, it was impulse, you ain't posed to mean to say it
Like I should just turn my cheek like lil' bro and take it
Like you weren't one of them ones that shocked I made it
Like you was so surprised when I seen the hatred
Like I ain't the one the city deem the greatest

My cousin Jay doin' the bid and sent me 8 letters
And how it's crazy that we let age get us
And how it moves him every time he sees me on the screen
And all them other days he said my music made better
You can't get her, I late met her, I ain't never
But I'm pretty sure that she taste better
She got me in a little spill, lower case letters

Her man ain't finished his sentence like open space question
Market least for good stars, she wasn't on the dart
Told her and them, come here before we part
My mandem, some nig' got my cards
You can swipe it and he throw it, call it catchin' a charge

Never got gas, instead I listen
These niggas too thirsty for recognition
Yeah, the way that you workin' be less efficient
Say you got a sound but it's just repetition

I don't care about the money you ever spent
All you front this frost, clearly evident
And they ain't even gotta agree in they head with it
As long as at the end of the day they respect this shit

Smilin' at my accomplishments but you hardly was proud
Tried to say 'cause of a image, they couldn't marker my style
We still makin' music at the spot right by your house
I'm like a 30 second fight, shit, I'm hardly around
Punchin' 9 to 5 clocks 'cause the bills start to pile

Where would me and my son be if I had followed the crowd?
Shit and I'm never backin' down
Maybe five years from now we can see who still around

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