Walking down that lonely road on your back a heavy load
All of us have placed on you
Settled on a wooden cross, it seemed to all that all was lost
Only you could ever know
You believed, you believed

Left my home and family and took a trip across the sea
Tryin to find a place to hide
When it all was said and done, when my life had come undone
You were right there by my side
You believed, you believed


Funny how it seems to be, someone I have never seen
Is so close by and that is why, o that is why
I believe

Many years have come and gone, many tears have lingered on
You have shared them all with me
Many say it's just a feel but I know it's really real
Cause you and I have history
I believe, I believe


Walking down that lonely road, on your back a heavy load
I know I have placed on you
Settled on a woden cross it didn't matter what the cost
That's why I believe in you
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You Believe Lyrics

Kent Bottenfield – You Believe Lyrics