Girl when we first started we were spending all our time together in love
Now we're growing on and you're afraid of loosing me, don't be
I've got a heart full of love even though I might not show it
Girl it's you I dream of and just so you
Know it
You have my attention, anything you need at all
I'll be there when you call me


I've got things on my mind, takin' my time, but I'm
I'm not too busy for you, I'm not too busy
If you're feeling along, just pick up the phone, girl I'm
I'm not too bush for you, I'm not too busy
We used to dream that one day we'd have everything we want
But now that things are movin', I hope that
We don't move apart
You still have my heart
I've got so muct to do, but girl it doesn't
But when it comes down to you I can't
Think of nothing better
Everytime I'm stressin, I find that it's a
Blessin to
To be hearin from you

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Never Too Busy Lyrics

Kenny Lattimore – Never Too Busy Lyrics

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