We went so slow, from the start
The clock ticked to fast for us to figure it out
We wasted time, gave it all we got
A constant battle that's all that we are

Our relationship,
We failed, and tried.
Were like a bird
We sing, we die.

Are you willing to try?
To make it alright?
I'm not ready to give up on us just yet
I'm not ready to not love you.
So baby, take my hand
And we'll make it through

When you spoke those words
I fell apart
A line on a page
That's all that you are

I've tried so hard, from the start
But you don't care
You just keep breaking my heart


You push me down
Then pick me up
You say you're sorry
And that you've had enough

Your loose lips, they sank this ship
Were over and done
I bet you miss what you had once

I'm not willing to try
(No)it won't be alright
Giving ups not enough, not yet
Well baby I don't love you

I've loved you
I hate you, now were done
Were through

I bet you miss what yu had once.
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Willing Lyrics

Kennidy Anderson – Willing Lyrics

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