I'm trying to do the listening
To hear you tell it
From your perspective
It's more of the same bs
Lock, stock, and barrel
All part of the game

It started a long time ago
Before you ever realized
The germ of an idea
Grows into an event
You carefully climb higher
The ladder is not for descent

The game takes its toll
On the fiber of your soul
Where do you want to stand
When the winds of change sweep the land
Running for the hills
Sailing off into the sunset
It would be better
If you could forget
But you won't
You're wired that way

It started a long time ago
When Cain and Abel met
They were brothers to the end
More dangerous than a friend
A false embrace and slashing blade
Took care of the rest
All part of the game...
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The Game Lyrics

Kelton Ree – The Game Lyrics