The fever of our secret has set in
Can't you see their faces read our sin
I'm startin' to get weak in the knee
I'm starting to think they're all after me

Did you hear them whispering our names
Did you hear them say that I'm to blame
My ears are burning as word hits the street
I'm starting to get dizzy from the heat

Shadows of love shadows of love
All we ever do kiss and run
Push comes to shove I want no part of
A love we can't bring into the sun

Listen don't you stand so close to me
Seeing us together's all they need
Our reputation seems to be in doubt
I'm starting to go down for the count
[ guitar ]
Shadows of love shadows of love...

Feels like they're all breathing down my neck
I feel like I could drown here in my sweat
I sure could use some help from above
Oh all I got are shadows of love
Shadows of love shadows of love
Shadows of love shadows of love
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Shadows Of Love Lyrics

Kelly Willis – Shadows Of Love Lyrics

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