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Smoking & Drinking Lyrics

Kelly Finnigan – Smoking & Drinking Lyrics

[Verse 1]
It's so hard to steal away from a good thing
So hard (So hard) So hard to feel right when
You know you're doing wrong
But you keep saying (No boy, this love is ours)
You better keep it to yourself
(Secrets are made for us)
And meant for nobody else
Change things if you can
Or else move on with that other man
What's the use of crying now?
When your lies were all for a bigger plan
And I tell myself I said Kelly
(No joy will come from this)
It'll only break up your heart
(Secrets destroy the love)
Starting over's the hardest part

Well I love 'em then I leave 'em
And tell 'em that I need 'em so we go (Smoking a drinking)
In a hurry so I'm sorry but maybe tomorrow
We'll go (Smoking and drinking)

[Verse 2]
Am I the only one that you wanna blame? No, no
Too full of your pride to give into better days
And I move all night
(Too high to get over) Too high get over, yeah
(Too low to go under) Too low, too low
(Too high to go over)
(Too low to get under)
(Too high to go over)
(Too low to get under)
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