Chorus 1x:
Today I'm away; away from home
Lost in a world that's not my own
Thinking about tomorrow and what it will bring
Am I alone of will my fait ring
Will I live, or will I die, or will time just pass me by.
Am I missing out on everything
All the joys that life shall bring

What should I do
I feel so confused
I think I know what I'm missing
I'm missing You

You put the joys in my life
The smile on my face,
But now its just sadness in my eyes.

Why'd ya have to do it
I thought I made ur life great
But I guess I just made you hate
Everything is going down the dain
Including my pain

I have to get over it
I hvae to run away
You made my life different
But now its back to the same

Chorus 2x:
Have to think about tomorrow
And what it will bring
Hoping that my fait will ring
I will live, I wont die, adn time wont pass me by
Now that I'm not missing out on everything,
None of the joys that life shall bring

I'm living my life without you
Happy as can be
I feel so free
Nothing could be better, but one thing
If I had a guy who would treat me right

Chorus 1x

Chorus 2x

I feel great
I'm not in doubt
I'm jsut happy that is over
And I never have to see you again!
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Break Away Lyrics

Kelly Campbell – Break Away Lyrics

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