It's 2 o'clock in the morning
And I'm waking up reaching out
To cover you and then it all
Comes back I see your keys
On the dresser
And they're exactly
Where you left them
On the day
That you walked
Out of my life

Who's gonna love you now?
Who's gonna be the one
To catch you falling
When your world
Comes crashing down like I do?
Who's gonna hold you down?
Who's gonna see your heart
Beyond Your Faults
When you can't admit your wrong?

When trouble comes to find you
Will she stay and walk with you?
Tolerate all your excuses
And keep on loving you?
Does she swing with your moods?
Does she know
How you like your food?
Does she laugh
At your stupid jokes
Especially the one
That I hate the most

Who's gonna pick up your mess?
(That you always seem
To leave behind you)
And make sense
Of your loose ends
(Cos ain't nobody gon do
What I do for you)

(Chorus 2x)
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Who's Gonna Love You Now Lyrics

Kelli Love – Who's Gonna Love You Now Lyrics

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