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Dancing (With The Spirits) In A Circle Lyrics

Keller Angell Ft. Heit – Dancing (With The Spirits) In A Circle Lyrics

I know you have not seen!
I know you were not there...
But, believe!
Last night I Danced
With the Spirits in a Circle,
In the shadows of Light and of darkness!

And, Forever, I will Dance,
In the shadows of Light and of darkness!

The light is so strong,
That you cannot see...
The brightness is so blinding,
That I can come to believe
That you can get drunk...

What the wine do you drink?
The of Glory or the of destruction?

We're here, babies, together...
Struggling under the sun of darkness.

You can not see,
And I think you're blind !
You may not see Us,
And I think that's Glorification!
But we're right here, baby...
The True Sons of the Illumination!

You can dance in your body...
But You Should animate yourself in Spirit!
If you are Worthy of entering the Wheel,
Forever you will Dance!

That sounds like a Russian roulette, I know (haha).
A shot of a stray bullet, and - boom -,
His dream turns into illusion...

I was dancing with the Angels, last night
And Forever We 'll dance (in the Path of the Illumination)!

You cannot see the Temple what stands to your front?
You cannot imagine, one day, being one Faithful Warrior of Light?
So, climb up in the Balance and you will be theoretically equal, similar to one of Nodes...
Climb the steps and Forever you will shine like the Stars!

We Are Happy because we REALLY can live!
We Are Happy because nobody can 'WIN Us'!
We are happy because we have the power of Healing and of destruction!
We Are Happy because, Forever, We have the Power of Resurrection!

Born, dies.
Resuscitate and Live!!!
(Forever, as one of Nodes...)

If you enter the Circle, it will be eternal!
If you enter In The Circle, Forever YOU will Dance!
Dancing with the Spirits, in the Circle of the Illumination.
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