[Verse 1]
It's a dangerous game, I don't wanna play
L to the O, O to the V hey baby
What have you done to me
'Cause I know I cannot stop
Thinkin' 'bout us, up in my room, in a crowded bus
No way, and you won't let me escape

And I can't help but notice
The way that you kiss me
Butterflies in my heart.
I find myself open
It's you that I'm missin'
Tryin' my best not to start.
I didn't wanna fall but

He's gonna make me empty my phone
Text my friends and stay out at home
Off like a record and say that I'm gone, say that I'm gone
He's gonna make me live my life singin' love songs
Check my screen to see if he calls.
Share my world and give him my heart.
He's gonna make me love him

[Verse 2]
I've been fightin' myself, forcin' myself
Tryna put my mind on somebody else but baby
You and your pretty boy swaggin'
Got me followin' you on twitter
Home run hitta
You see a dime and he'll be with her
I'm never gonna get away.


When I think about us
It's x's and o's
And when they lookin at us
All my x's get froze
Are we suppose to be
Living this dream
So come close to me
I'll show you what I mean
You got that walk of a model
Body like a bottle
Smarts of doc
I wanna meet your mama
On you like a bike
Just show me where you throttle
I swear I'll stop talking to them breezy's if I got to
Run laps through your mind
Let me joke your memory
We got the greatest love of all century
I saved every single text that you sent to me
We might even get married eventually
But naw, let's not lose concentration
You are star, you apart of my constellation
So, you can stop checkin your phone for this evening
You say your heart is locked
Girl but I got the key key
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Make Me Love Him Lyrics

Keke Palmer – Make Me Love Him Lyrics