I love walks in the forest on a clear summer day
I love to see the flowers spring up in May,
And I love rain on a cold cloudy day.
And I love the sound of a handmade guitar,
And I love a Celtic band in an old Irish bar,
And writing songs, and those I’ve wrote so far.
And I love when a bird builds a nest in my backyard,
And all those who made me laugh when life was too hard.
And I love campfires and sleeping under the stars.
Yeah, things just seem simpler and easier under the stars.

I love how the air smells when it rained all day,
All things made in the you. S. A.,
And the sound of an orchestra tuning before they play.
I love my mountains covered in crystal streams,
Cast iron, maple syrup, and things that feel
True in my heart, and recalling my dreams.
And I love actors, singers, comedians,
And all those I’ve never met, but their words sink in.
I love old towns covered in blankets of snow.
Yeah, things just seem silent and peaceful covered in snow.

I love a fireplace that’s made of stone.
Someday I’ll build a cabin to call my own,
And I love the quiet and time I spend alone.
I love my coffee shops just a bit pretentious,
I love to sign my name a bit illustrious
And I love to make plans completely spontaneous.
I love a concert where everyone sings along,
And I’d love it more if I was the one who wrote the song,
And I love old barns, and the cold stare of an owl.
Yeah, nothing sees through to my soul like the stare of an owl.

I love loft apartments with walls of old brick,
And watching movies all day when I’m sick
And the way that a storm leaves my street covered sticks.
I love those who speak soft, and those who hug a lot,
And the rich smell of an new cedar box.
And when I’m lonely at home an unexpected friend knocks.
And I love when my cat falls asleep next to me.
And the smell of autumn and the colors of the leaves,
And I love to watch a dog playing in a field.
Yeah, nothing makes me present like a dog playing in a field.
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Under The Stars Lyrics

Keith Regan Carney – Under The Stars Lyrics