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It G Ma Remix Lyrics

Keith Ape – It G Ma Remix Lyrics

(feat. Waka Flocka Flame, A$AP Ferg, Dumbfoundead & Father)

[Hook: Keith Ape]
Squad shit
Ij-ji ma
Underwater squad
Yeojeonhi mom-en camo
Orca ninjas go rambo
Ij-ji ma
Underwater squad
Yeojeonhi mom-en camo
Orca ninjas go rambo

[Verse 1: Waka Flocka Flame]
All the young bitches wanna fuck a gold mine
Young Rambo, hunnid Glocks hangin' on my shoulder
What the fuck you fuck niggas talkin' about?
You ain't talkin' real loud when the bosses around
Sacrifice you niggas, it's an offerin' now
All you rap niggas turn up with marketin' now?
Till I run up in your house, it's a robbery now
Gimme that advance nigga, devil gon' dance, nigga
Don't make me grab my choppa
You don't wanna see these hands, nigga
Put you in the desert, under 30 feet sand, nigga
I'm the badman, run this muthafuckin' land, nigga
Plant a landmine better watch where you stand
It G ma, hollows gonna fly, it's a homicide
Mamas gon' cry, sing a lullaby
It's about us, never 'bout I, It's about trust never 'bout lies

[Verse 2: Dumbfoundead]
I'm movin' onto bigger things
Big bank take little bank, bow to the lizard king
Took DMT by the DMZ, made peace as the middle man
Then I woke up with a .45, seein' everybody firin' at both sides
We can all dream till then, we can all drink, live in fear like Ichabod Crane
I be sick of y'all, fuck 'em all, they do the same thing, not me
Not me, muthafucka, top three, I cannot be explained
Got the homie Keith Ape with a briefcase and a 38, lookin' for the nearest currency exchange
Low key, then I'm gone, took keys to the blonde
Put the D in your broad like "aye, aye"
Couple Gs from abroad, five peas in a pod, learned to speak in the speech of the gods

[Hook: Keith Ape]
It-ji ma
Underwater squad
Yeojeonhi mom-en camo
Orca ninjas go rambo

[Verse 3: Keith Ape]
Bitch, I'm a zombie
Neomu masin ssagulyeo codeine
Yeojeonhi mom-eneun geom/huin me down
You know we going harder
Than a mutha muthafucking ape
Nan yogjyoe nuwo syopinghae
Geugeon bape bape bape bape bape
Kisseu eipeu, ij-ji ma, Killer Whale
Killer Whale, Killer Whale, Killer Whale, Killer Whales
Suyeonghae suyeonghae suyeonghae
Ulin god don-eulo suyeonghae
Neonen keompyuteolo gugyeonghae
Neone salmkkaji naega juyeonhae
Geunikka ij-ji ma nae ileum, jeoldaelo ij-ji ma nae tim-eul
Ij-ji ma jeoldae nae ileum, ij-ji ma jeoldae nae tim-eul
Hangug-eseo ulil ij-eum gwileul ilh-eo

[Verse 4: Father]
Lungs full of tar and my tongue out my mouth
Head out the window, your bitch see me out
She open her legs, let it talk like Meowth
It's cryin' oh Father, "boy, please eat me out"
Ride with no tint, I don't hide from no phonk
Come catch these hands, don't confide in no pump
The way I came in is the way I go out
Born in the pussy, I'll die in the cunt
So 'fore you get any ideas and I stomp
A mudhole in your ass, cause I'm straight out the swamp
While the drums and bass go pa rum pum pum pum
And a medley of virgins are humming my song
Exchangin' of smoke, I reside in the lungs
Exchangin' of fluids, reside on their tongues
Fe fi fo encumbered but under none
Father be the one the fi'est phenomenon

[Hook: Keith Ape]
It-ji ma
Underwater squad
Yeojeohni mom-en camo
Orca ninjas go rambo

[Verse 5: A$AP Ferg]
Fifth of Henny got me goin' ape shit
Weed got me wasted
Walk up in this bitch like I'm Asian
Been a minute since I’ve been in Shibuya
Goddamn it been a long vacation
Keith ape in the cut like Fredo, I'm gon' be alright
Better duck when you see his K blow, he gon' take your life
All of my ninjas with the 9, A$AP Mob we gon' rep everyday
Underwater squad, yeah, we the killer whales
Finna get wet with the heat when we spray
Fuck all my enemies, you can find me mobbin' with my ninjas everyday
Nigga, this ain't no industry shit, see me with my niggas from the 143 everyday


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