Broken hearts
Torn apart
Crying out to you
Crying out for help.
They've done no wrong,
For love they long.
War is about to begin.

Innocent souls crying out for help.
Bring back our girls.
Bring back our girls.
Consider it and take that step.
Bring back our girls.
Bring back our girls.

Suffering in pain.
Trying to regain
All they've lost;
It all has rust.
They've lost their pride
They've lost it all.
Can you listen to their call?
They need to come back home.
You can hear them moan.
Life seems like death.
Freedom seems hard to get.

Two thousand naira for bridprice.
Wat'chu think the girls are? Cheap commodities? no
Everythibg has a big price.
Amma shake and throw the dice.
We are fighting for the girls that never thought they could win
The scars they lived in.
We are the mainstreams.
Can you hear me scream?
Can you hear me shout?
It's running in ma head.
It's flowing in my veins.
Ouch' and I can feel their pains.
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Bring Back Our Girls Lyrics

Keila Gidotti – Bring Back Our Girls Lyrics

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