Christmas time, it comes but once a year
Bells are ringing and the families all hear
All the children wanna help decorate the tree
And many lots of nice presents under there for you and me

Oh, Santa Claus is comin'
It's a Jingle Bell Jamboree
Yeah, it's a Jingle Bell Jamboree

Momma's in the kitchen, pappa's in there too, yes right
Well, howdy Uncle Bod? Howdy howdy how are you
There we gonna play some old records and a few cd's
Or you can go in the other room and see what's on tv

Oh, Santa Claus is comin'
Yeah, Santa Claus is comin'
And it's a Jingle Bell Jamboree
Jingle Bell Jamboree

Well, it's all right if there's no stockings on the wall
'Cause what matters most is peace on earth
And goodwill to all

Well, everybody's got something that a baby needs
They say the more you give, the more you will receive
Well, don't worry if you can't give nothin', ain't a harm
Well, it's the state of mind that matters most of all

Yeah, we'll all get together
I said, "Let's all get together for a Jingle Bell Jamboree"
Yeah it's a Jingle Bell Jamboree
Oh, it's a Jingle Bell Jamboree, yeah, yeah, yeah

Go, go house to house, yeah, go sing and come
Oh, ye faithful it's a Jingle Bell Jamboree
Yeah, I said to you, "Jingle Bell Jamboree"
I'm dreaming of a Jingle Bell Jamboree

Oh baby, you know a Jingle Bell Jambo
Silent Night, Holy, Jingle Bell Jamboree
Heard the Jingle Bell Jamboree
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Jingle Bell Jamboree Lyrics

Keb' Mo' – Jingle Bell Jamboree Lyrics