Don't cry for me
You'll bring the rain, again
It's like you've never seen the sun
Stop wasting time with this old game, again
You want a chase you gotta run
You can't live your life through me
Oh, baby, that's insane, you see
Sure it's cool for you to
Give just a little bit
Love just a little bit
And please save a little for yourself
Cause, baby, it's your life
So start livin' it
Try not to give a shit
And maybe I will
Don't cry for me
Don't call my name, again
This ain't what I call havin' fun
Cause you run deeper than the rain my friend
I knew I never should have come
You can't waste your life on me
Just get it through your brain, and please
Know it's cool for you to
Why does everybody want what they can't have?
Nothin's changed, its still:
Treat them mean
Keep it clean
(treat them mean, keep it clean)
Why does everybody want what they can't have?
Tell me
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Maybe I Will Lyrics

Keaton Simons – Maybe I Will Lyrics