She got the high heels
Lingeres long nails
Long braids
She wants to love you oh
She got the whip and the
Perfume to go

She's a fame hooker
She goes up and you
Go down
Fame hooker
She goes round and
Fame hooker
No one could be like
Her you know that
Fame hooker
She got the bag to go
With that

She's a fame hooker ah
She's a fame hooker ah
She's a fame hooker ah ah
She's a fame hooker ah ah ah ah

She got that bitchy face
Latex boots
She got any man
Running loose
She has a friend and
He fu*king knows
That the fame hooker
Is whoe oh oh oh

She's a fame hooker oh
She a flame cooker no
She's a maneater whoe
She's the handjob leader so
She's a bi*ch and
Shell rock your stick
And make you feel
Sick hooker monster
That you'll never know
Oh she got the flow
Oh oh oh

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Famè Hooker Lyrics

Keaton Hira – Famè Hooker Lyrics

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