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Love Da Kids Lyrics

Keak Da Sneak – Love Da Kids Lyrics

[Keak Da Sneak]
Cuz I came, I came to rock the mic right
Step up in this mutha fucka and get shit hype
Keak Da Sneak baby is the name I use
'95 Monte Carlo is what I cruise
I paid dues the game owed me one
Originator of "fa sheezy" take this game and run
And don't come back til you blow this shit up
Don't think just drink til you finish the cup
I came here to get you lit
Get you a red boy top of bottle, not a red nose pit
Keak Da Sneak baby known everywhere
Step in this rap game and spark shit like a flare
Way to cold at a younger age
It was everyday still in the car slangin yay
Hella years later still young in the game
I'm sharp as a Gillette razor with that Charlie Mac game

Keak Da Sneak baby known everywhere
Bitch don't act shy you in the presence of a player
When I grab my mic I'm the one man crew
Talkin bad bout me bitch you must be off ooh
When they heard Keak Da Sneak, Sneak came to town
Like Pac in his prime I be gettin around
On who? On you cuz this shit is real big
Know no laya in me cuz you know I love da kids

[Keak Da Sneak]
Dome shots to the face and all
And you can pray and pray for my downfall
This is destiny bitch you niggas in it to ball
Then get satisfied and let a nigga run in ya draws
Straight for ya safe then ya manhood took
Left tankin and tinkin, stomache we can't look
You can't visualize some of the shit I seen
So if you ain't ready for this game mayn go on come clean
Do ya yadadameen, I invented that shit
So before you put it out there you better holla at a pimp
Cuz I'm takin shit personal, it's feelings with this
Head up or music bitch I be killin ya shit
And I can't sleep til I know that you hit
Feedback, a nigga don't need in his mix
My usual fix, pound of Remy and a zip of light
Put hands and feet on yo ass like a nigga in a prize fight


[Keak Da Sneak]
And uhh no he ain't a Walnut gangsta
Yes I is, 2-4-7 on the block with anchor
Not in it for the small time, I gotta get mine
Playa hatin is a crime, you niggas way outta line
And I'm goin, goin, back, back to East Oakland
Ya dig, you know where it's at
Get em, getcha gotcha get em, hit em
Sicka bit em, the chee P-O, all in the do' nobody can fuck wit em
Bra Hef, Beanie, Dola Ike and Big Scoop
Look how long I waited, had patience for the loot
But we gone get there, I been at it since 1990
Went through hella fazes til I really just found me
Outsandin, and all my albums is poundin
I grown man outplayin intentional groundin
I been buildin Keak Da Sneak sine 9-8
For the group mayn a nigga couldn't wait, what's my name

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