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Party Spirit Lyrics

KC Jockey – Party Spirit Lyrics

Yeah Yeah... party get ready (dem ready long time)
Lets do this
Move you body like never before
Shake that ass..... Pat yuh neva betta sore
Hands in the air girls do you want more
All dancers to the dance floor
Wine and shake tic toc pan you toe
Roll yuh belly wine fast then slow
Fling whine so, you go girl go
Love how you wine it so

Verse 1
Hott hott energy non-stop
People dey ya nuff from front to di back
Sweat a run to di ground dat means sey it hott
Security a fi turn some back
All who never deh deh listen an get feedback
Woman galong bad nah act too slack
Drink liquor like water drunk like what
A nuh mussy this a dance contract?
Lets Do this

Repeat chorus

Verse 2
In front a mi back a mi gal stand up and a wine
Party animal me a real master mind
Jamming to me favourite song rewind
Selector play it one more time
Women dem deh ya nuff dash wey nuff pan di dance floor
Nuff like san deh pan di sea shore
Look like a club but it's a gal tour
Pass di cris mek mi drink some more
Lets Do This

Chorus repeat

Big promotion musical explosion
No Babylon no come start nuh commotion
All contention dump in the ocean when in spirit a show emotion, aha
Me glad bag bus
Music bus weh tonight.....
Bus on fire when di crowd ignite
A 100% partying hype we a party till broad day light
Lets Do this


Verse 1
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