Who's to know
What goes on inside the infinite galaxies
Down below
Science tries to solve the cosmical

From what I hear
It's perfectly clear
That someday they'll face
A superior race
From space

Greenish glow
Flying objects marking secret activies
Friend or foe
People seem to fear destructive communities

They say we're not alone
For somewhere they roam
Prepared to invade
What a terrible fate
We await

Astral aliens
Planning transmission to earth
Oh they're no fallen angels
Is there a way to protect us
From their blinding brilliance
For they come in trillions

They're taking over control
Now watch those astral aliens

You should know
How we laugh at earthling's primitive prophesy
We won't go
To your nightmare landscape, planet of misery
We're happy here
Got nothing to fear
It's all crazy fiction
Your hazy predictions
Are wrong

Astral aliens
We've got no business on earth
Though we're no guardian angels
What can we do but protect you
From your blundering brilliance
Researching mystical forces
It's just wasting millions
Look out you're losing control
Forget those astral aliens
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Astral Aliens Lyrics

Kayak – Astral Aliens Lyrics

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