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Fugies Lyrics

Kay L – Fugies Lyrics

Nigga please, this is easy as practice
See what I'm saying is I'm killing this rap shit
Yeah, I'm a good dude, but I'm tough as a cactus
And I don't act, but my bitch is an actress
See erybody on let them tell they got one
Nigga how you rap about a chain without on
Boy I got a watch that will drive your fiancee crazy
My shit ivy blue like Beyonce's baby
Them lames won't be able to fold this
They think I don't know that they recycle my old shit
Prolly cause I'm I'll I pay to cost with no change
Pick... like I brushed my teeth with cocaine
I speak my mouth with no shame
Nigga see, I can take a few shots with no pain
Shoot back, I even react from long range
Outspoken, fuck what you heard, I'm insane, who are you?
Now one lil nigga with no cream who are you?
The same lil nigga with no dream
Me, I cash checks from working this shit
Be at the bank so much they think I work in that bitch
I'm glossed up, glossed up, motherfucker I shine
You... what the fuck are you lying?
Never mind I can never hate black profit
Keep in mind I'm on your ass like back pocket
Boy stop, I ain't talking bout true religion
And I ain't talking bout them money that you used to get in
You know I, when I can't do and shut it down
I were loyal to the game I ain't fuck around
It's like when... I tell him keep the cake
And she made, my college bitch, you know she...
When she get paid, I'm the nigga that get paid
They should change the name on that shit...
Been going too hard for me to stop
Young nigga been rapping too long for me to flop
It's either you, pimping the game or piss in a pot
Peter pipe... know about me, niggas must have forgot
I was the... that he picked, don't you get it I'm hot
And I can stand on my word cause I sit in the drop
I put my word on the curbe cause I spit from the block
Motherfucker, is you ready or not?
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