Hey momma' I am such a selfish bastard
I stare through dirty windowpanes at fumbled D. N. A.
They stumble upright now we'll come down to man-made foliage
Where all the crazies be, they're crazy just like me
Except I'm sheltered from the cold
Oh darlin' hold me tighter so your teeth don't have to chatter
We can smile
At putrid, senile faces taxing where our space is, man that's love

Oh baby get me all fresh bent on stimulants
My stems is stout from the caffeine
Drenched petals fragrance and nicotine
And I'll be asleep by 8: 30
In the morning wake me gently
Like a bird of paradise my agenda is my vice
And I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go, man
Get out man
Freak out man

I get a little jumpy when the phone rings
(Automations on the other line)
The headset robots waste time on a company dime
It's another waste of time

But can you blame me?
When all the things I see
They came to me in dreams
Somewhere out in the spaced out back of my mind
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Hey Momma Lyrics

Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground – Hey Momma Lyrics

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