Sometimes I get it wrong
But you help me get it right
Sometimes I'm in the dark
But you're there to hold the light

Oh how you make me laugh
Oh how you've heard me cry
And oh how you make me feel
So wonderful inside

And I'll keep on tellin' you now
Over and over again

You got a way
You've got a way
That heals me
With love like I've never known
And when I'm with you,
When I'm with you
I'm always
I'm always at home

When I've got a heavy heart
You've got a soothin' peace
And I have a lot of wants
But you know my every need

And I've gone through many hard times
But you've given all those good, good times
I'll love you with everything
My heart, my soul, my mind

And I'll keep on tellin' you now
Over and over again


When I close my eyes at night
Just knowin' you're there with me
I'm so safe
There's no way
That I'll ever be left alone
I can't imagine my life without You beside me

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You've Got A Way Lyrics

Kathy Troccoli – You've Got A Way Lyrics

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