Toes to the water
Sunshine on my face
How did I end up in such a heavenly place?
My smile is immortal
Feels good on my lips
Free of doubt and free of any fear is what this is
How long has it been since I was here

In His embrace
Safe from the cold
I was here all along but my eyes were closed
And I see the light
It lies in me
And I will do whatever it takes
To stay in His embrace

Feet in the quicksand
Moonlight dark and dim
A sad and lonely picture of the place that I was in
But I've learned a little lesson
From the fury of my past
The times you feel alone are the ones when you forget
To ask
For His saving grace
To be

Repeat Chorus:

These arms I cannot see
But they encircle me

Repeat Chorus:
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In His Embrace Lyrics

Katherine Nelson – In His Embrace Lyrics