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Ascent From Ghoulgotha Lyrics

Katharsis – Ascent From Ghoulgotha Lyrics

Spiritual war-fare, churning mäelstrom
Twisted bodies, possessed, trapped -
Under siege, cryptic words
Tongue of the angels
Knowledge - sorcery - re-incarnation
Winged gargoyles, malformation
Terror to the living
Quintessence of secret doctrines-
From The Mouth Of a Psychopathic God
Bow down as ye enter his kingdome!!!
Bottomless, unbound
A reality behynde reality
An infinity behynde infinity
A truth behynde truth
Forgotten ones
Striving hard, grim retaliation
Atrocious rays
Guardians at the gate of time
Ascend, ascend and sacrifice
Creatures impaled on the horns, of death
Tayste poison from the chalices of doom
Sulphure dreams
Faceless shaypes, depths
Strength of madnesse
I will succeed
Morbid ways
Dungeon fields
Nightfall obeydience
Fullmoon shyne
Kult of fear, spell of sin, shadow wings
Black magick rite
Macromoniall mastership
Nockturnal malediction
Tyrant in wrath, I hold thy sigils
Dance through the flaymes
I'm growing still
Mysterious and colde place (of) spectre ruins
Here alone we are - the force-that-is...
Give me the power to desecrate
To turn this earth to ashes
A journey across the innermost spheres
I shall not return for a myriad of years
Ascend, ascend and sacrifice
Invoke the pandemonic storms of nighte
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