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Discovery Lyrics

Kath Bloom – Discovery Lyrics

Discovery, recovery
It all goes round
It comes a day
It's calling down

You name it
You pray it
But you don't see
You hold on
It needs you eventually

In this life I had so many dreams
In this life I've wonder what you'll see
I see my life and it guides me
Through this [?]

What means the night
I'll sacrifice
I'll fight and ride it
I'll fight it
I'll fight it
I'll fight I
I'll fight it

It's right and wrong
It never ends
And there's the pain
It's in the air

We're makin' there
You love me
I love you
But we don't see it
We hold on
And we need it eventually

You want it?
Come get it
Nothing is so fine
It isn't quite exactly what you had in mind

I feel the beat
I hold my feet straight to the place where I believe
Those things are here
Those things are here
Here is clearer
Until I'm here
Until I'm here, here, here

Pam pam
Pam pam
Pam pam
Pam pam
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