It hurts sometimes to know you
It can feel like you don't care
When my world is crashing
Down around me
It's like you're not even there
Seconds feel like forever
When I try to fall asleep
An escape from every part of me
That hurts too much to breathe
Then you whisper, "Here I am,"
You hold me in your hands
You hurry, you never leave
Jesus, set me free from me

I look for you in movies
I see you in my dreams
But everywhere you seem to be
You're that much out of reach
I try so hard to know you
But I just get in the way
I can't seem to shake myself
Even when I pray

Sometimes I can be my worst enemy
'Cause it's hard for me to trust
That you're in love with me
But I know, I know, I know,
So why do I keep fighting?

C. 2012. Jeremy Drinkwine 432 music, sesac, Jimmy Cooper jimivision music, sesac
Tommy Collier starplane music, sesac

(Original Composition written for and performed by Katelyn Mccarter)
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Free From Me Lyrics

Katelyn McCarter – Free From Me Lyrics

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