Wake up in the morning feelin like a cheater
Grab my condom I'm out the door. I'm gunna hit it like Jeter.
Before I leave, call my girl, spit a whole buncha shit.
Cause when I leave for the night, I won't remember it!
I'm talkin... S***s takin off their clothes (clothes)
Beer Pong with my bros (bros)
My girl blowin up my phone (phone)
Playin some Call of Duty, rollin up to the parties, tryina get fuckin shwayze.
Bitches talk, block my c***. But I'll still cheat on my girl, tonight.
Imma fight, but I know I ain't right.
Bitches talk, block my c***, but the cheatin won't stop
No oh woah oh. Woah oh uh oh.
Ain't got a care in the world, but got plenty of beer.
Gunna act like a dickhead, because my girlfriend ain't here.
And now grenades are linin up cause they love Armageddon,
So we'll get really drunk, close our eyes, and get it in.
I'm talkin bout everybody getting crunk (crunk)
Girls all up on our junk (junk)
Won't remember it cause we're drunk (drunk)
Now, now we go until we get some head (head)
Or get some whore in bed (bed) x's 3
*Chorus* x's 2
I build her up to break her down
My dick, it thinks; thinks for me
Keep takin shots, til I fall down.
Cheat on her at a party.
X's 3
Now the party don't start til 2012 walk in.
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Armageddon Theme Lyrics

Katelyn And Lisa – Armageddon Theme Lyrics

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