So I crawl down the stairs to the truth that is
Sleeping alone on a bed
The mosquito net weeping above
That lazy old truth
Been lying there for weeks
So I throw myself onto the bed
And onto the mercy of the truth who is stirring
And trying to cheer up the net
And afterwards me
And I'm feeling weary

Cause I could go on and on deluding myself
Wading in the shallows
I am waiting for something else to come along and put
Things in order
Meanwhile, I raise my arms above the water

Ready, I am in position
Just promise you'll be here soon

So all of the people around, I don't wanna grow old
Like them
Bracing and grabbing too tight to not much
But I start feeling tired a little earlier each day
So I'm looking to rearrange the dawn
To tidy up the order of events
And unwind every thread of regret
But take that away
And what is there left?

From now on I know it'll be different
See the waves are nodding their agreement
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The Truth Lyrics

Kate Miller-Heidke – The Truth Lyrics

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